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  • Where can I park?
    There are a couple options. There is a parking lot adjacent to the park (off of Washington Street), street parking and overflow parking is available at the Middle School. The back parking lot is used for vendors, band members and sponsor vehicles. You may notice some cones along Washington Street -- this is reserved for food vendors/unloading and TVF&R. Cars may NOT park in designated cone areas along Washington.
  • Is the park ADA accessible?
    Yes! There are two different entrances into Stella Olsen off of Washington Street. Both have paved pathways down into the lower peninsula where the amphitheater is located. They are to code and ADA accessible.
  • Can I bring alcohol into the park?
    No. No outside alcohol is allowed into the park while vendors are selling alcohol. This is a requirement following OLCC regulations. We appreciate your cooperation!
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes. Furry friends are welcome! Dogs are allowed at the park, provided they are on a leash. Owners are responsible for picking up their business as well.
  • Can I smoke in the park?
    No. Smoking is not allowed in the park. You may leave the park and proceed away from the event up the sidewalk.
  • Are there restrooms? Where are they located?
    Yes. Restrooms are located right next the play structure at the top of the park -- parallel with Washington street.
  • Can I bring chairs to the concerts?
    Yes! All types of chairs welcome. Smaller sand chairs can be placed in the front near the concrete pad area. There are signs designating where larger/taller chairs may start in the grass -- to be courteous to those around you.
  • Can I place chairs earlier in the day to save my spot?
    Yes. You may bring chairs and blankets down to the park earlier in the day. Please be aware that city staff may have to move items out of the way while setting up (especially if you arrive before city staff start setting up).
  • Can we bring our own food?
    Absolutely! We encourage picnics, as we are limited with space for food vendors.
  • Do I have to wear a mask?
    No. The City of Sherwood follows the State of Oregon COVID-19 guidance. You are more than welcome to wear a mask -- do what you're most comfortable with. We will relay regulation updates as needed on this website.
  • Do events get cancelled for inclement weather?
    Occasionally. In the case of rain/inclement weather, please check this website or the city website at for the latest updates.

No smoking in the park | No outside alcohol allowed | Pets are permitted, provided they are on a leash

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