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A group of musicians from Portland, OR came together during a time when live music was at a standstill. "Taken by the Sky" was born out of a shared appreciation for Fleetwood Mac and a desire to create an authentic representation of the music we all know and love. After digging into the nuances of this iconic band, “Taken by the Sky” is ready to soar.


Jessa Campbell's warm, husky contralto and commanding presence as Stevie Nicks is met by Aram Arslanian's soaring vocals and unmistakable guitar work as Lindsey Buckingham. Colin Hogan and Brian Link lay into their roles as Christine and John McVie. With Hogan's multi-instrumentalism and smokey vocals, and Link's expert functionality, they commit to each song with exactitude. Cheo Larcombe's physical, distinct style holds the group together with his portrayal of Mick Fleetwood. With some of Portland's finest musicians, this is a show not to be missed.

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